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Terms & Conditions

The official agreement for the provision of service can be authorized only by the corresponding author, who will be responsible for communication and exchange of information with Editione and for payment of services provided.

Acceptance of a quotation implies agreement with the terms and conditions as stipulated by Editione and described below.

I  Editione agrees to edit and format the manuscript according to the standards of the target journal while observing strict language structure and correct scientific terminology.

II  Editione will process the manuscript according to the service plan selected and deliver a preliminary draft in English for consideration by the authors. At this stage, authors have the opportunity to request alterations to, and amendments of, any sections of the initial draft.

III  The estimated date for delivery of the preliminary draft does not form part of the contract because the time required to process a manuscript varies according to the complexity of the work. In the unlikely event that the delivery date does need to be extended, Editione will inform the client by e-mail. If the preliminary draft has not been delivered within the prescribed period, the customer should contact Editione immediately since the problem will almost certainly be occasioned by a failure in e-mail communication.

IV  Based on the authors' responses to the preliminary drafts, Editione will produce a final version of the manuscript ready for submission to the target journal in accordance with the service plan selected.

V  The entire content of the final version of the manuscript is the responsibility of the corresponding author and Editione cannot, under any circumstances, accept responsibility for material contained therein.

VI  Copyright of all translated/edited versions of the manuscript remains with Editione but will be transferred to the authors automatically when payment has been received in full.

VII  If authors choose to submit the final version of their manuscript to a journal other than that defined as the target journal in the original contract with Editione, the additional work required to re-edit and re-format the manuscript will be charged according to the time required to make the changes.

VIII  Post-submission revisions of a manuscript in accordance with the requirements of the editor or referees appointed by the target journal are covered only by the SUPERIOR PLUS plan. Clients who contracted the ECONOMY or SUPERIOR plans must upgrade to the SUPERIOR PLUS plan should they eventually require post-submission services. However, if the editor or referees appointed by the target journal point to any specific problems in the use of language in the final version of a manuscript, these will be addressed immediately by Editione at no charge to the client. Differences in opinion concerning the general style of writing will not be considered to constitute grammatical, semantic or syntactical errors. Editione cannot provide "no-cost" assistance to authors who have made unauthorized changes to the language or scientific/technical content of the final version of the manuscript prior to submission to the target journal.

IX  The services provided by Editione as detailed in the SUPERIOR PLUS plan will be considered to have been fulfilled completely when the manuscript is accepted (or finally rejected - see item X below) by the editor of the target journal specified in the original contract with Editione.

X  While we do our very best to assist our clients, Editione cannot guarantee acceptance of a manuscript by the target journal.

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