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who we are . . .

Editione comprises a small team of dedicated professionals with substantial experience in translating, writing, editing and refereeing manuscripts in all areas of chemical, biological and medical sciences. Our directors take personal charge of the quality control of all of the services that we provide.

Dr. Barry V. Charlwood

Dr. Barry Charlwood
Dr. Marcia Pletsch

Dr. Marcia Pletsch

Editor in Chief ORCID

Administrative Director ORCID


how we can help . . .

While good articles must, of necessity, describe good science, the acceptance of a paper by a high-impact international journal depends very much on the presentation of the work and the clarity of the English employed.
Editione allows you to focus on the science while we take care of the quality of the final manuscript.

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the plans we offer . . .

Economy Plan (pre-submission)

► Translation (if necessary) ► Editing and analytical (substantive) revision in accordance with the style of the target journal (with suggestions for article improvement and an unlimited number of draft versions) ► Preparation of title page ► Formatting of abstract and main text following the norms of the target journal ► Checking consistency between references cited in the text and those listed in the bibliography ► Organization of tables ► Verification of figures ► Assistance in the selection of an appropriate target journal ► Preparation of cover letter and "Highlights" ► Certificate of Service Quality ►  (For Brazilian clients only - Nota Fiscal Serviços Eletrônica)

Superior Plan (pre-submission)

► All of the services included in the Economy Plan PLUS verification and formatting of the references ► The final version of the manuscript is delivered ready for submission.

Superior-Plus Plan (pre- and post-submission)

► All of the services included in the Superior plan PLUS assistance throughout the process of evaluation by the target journal specified in the contract until the final decision* ► Includes preparation of revised version(s) of the manuscript, reply letter(s) to the editor and/or referees, and proof-reading prior to publication.

*Subject to terms and conditions


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