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Writing a scientific article is not a trivial task per se, and when English is not the native language, the difficulties are even greater. Our mission is to help academics and researchers overcome the language barrier and present their research in the best possible manner.

To this end we offer the following services:


This step involves interpreting a scientific text written in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian or French into English while retaining the original ideas of the author. Such work can only be carried out by an experienced and professional scientist with the ability to understand the source article and to adapt it according to the structure of the English language and the specific jargon of the subject area. Translation of a scientific text by a "translator" who is not familiar with the underlying science can never yield a satisfactory result.

Substantive Editing

This is the most important phase of the work because it involves tasks related to the correct use of language (British English or American English) and optimization of the clarity, quality and flow of the narrative. Substantive editing involves: correcting spelling; reviewing grammar and syntax; reordering and/or reconstructing sentences and paragraphs; eliminating repetitions, ambiguities and possible instances of accidental plagiarism; verifying that the terminology, units of measurement and abbreviations are correct; ensuring consistency of data between text, figures and tables; assessing the adequacy of citations; confirming that citations in the text are consistent with the bibliographic list; and organizing any supplementary material.


Full compliance with the norms laid down by the target journal is crucial if an article is to satisfy the critical eye of the managing editor and pass directly to the referees for assessment. With this objective, Editione will construct the title page (or pages if anonymous refereeing is obligatory), structure the abstract, verify the layout and pagination of the main text, reconstruct the tables, verify the design and style of the figures and check/reformat the references in the bibliographic list (Superior and Superior Plus plans only).

Ancillary Services

Along with the basic items outlined above, all of our service plans include (at no extra charge): alterations to the pre-submission version of the article according to the wishes of the author, preparation of the Cover Letter and Highlights (if required by the target journal) and issue of a Certificate of Quality of Editing.


Our editors are available throughout the editing process to assist with all aspects of the publishing process from choosing the most appropriate journal for your article to solving problems related to study design, analysis and interpretation. Selection of a journal, the scope of which fully encompasses the subject of your article and whose impact factor reflects the importance of your work, is essential if multiple revision or even peremptory rejection are to be avoided. Moreover, most international journals require rationale of the study design, justification of the statistical methods employed, and a clear statement of how the results obtained will contribute to the furtherance of knowledge in the subject area. Glossing over any of these important aspects could mean the difference between acceptance and rejection of your article.

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