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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy will be updated as necessary in order to comply with changes in legal requirements. Please check for the latest version by returning to this page of the website from time-to-time.
[GDPR compliant - 02/04/2021]

Collection of Usage Data
Usage data are collected automatically when you visit the Editione website. Such information includes, but is not limited to, the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the visiting device, the time and date of your visit, the time spent viewing each of the pages visited and basic details about the browser employed.

Collection of Personal Data
When you complete a form on the Editione website to ask a question, request a quotation or contract a service, you will be asked to submit some personal data and, possibly, confidential documents. Such information includes, but is not limited to, name, email address, phone/mobile number, professional affiliation, postal address and the full manuscript to be edited.

Use of Collected Data
Usage data enables our webmaster to monitor the usage of the Editione website and, by this means, maintain and improve the information that we provide to clients and potential clients. The personal data and confidential documents that you may be asked to submit allow Editione to communicate with you, to provide information requested and to perform any services that have been contracted.

Retention of Collected Data
All data and documents pertaining to clients are handled and stored by Editione in strict and absolute confidentiality. Access to the Editione database is restricted to senior management. Manuscripts and associated data/documents remitted in support of a request for a definitive/official quotation are stored for a period of four months from the date of delivery of the quotation. After this period, all such materials relating to services that have not been contracted are eliminated from our database. All materials relating to services that have been contracted are stored in our database until the client informs us of the final outcome of the submitted article.

Disclosure of Collected Data
Editione guarantees not to disclose to third parties any client information without first obtaining express permission, in writing, from the customer concerned. However, Editione reserves the right to use (where legally permitted) information in the database to inform clients/potential clients about our new services and/or promotions. Under certain circumstances, Editione may disclose personal data and/or confidential documents if required to do so under a legally enforceable order served by a public authority such as a court or a government agency.

Security of Collected Data
It is universally accepted that no method of transmission or electronic storage can ever be 100% secure. Although Editione strives to protect your personal data and confidential documents in the most secure manner by ensuring that we, and our web hosting company, employ up-to-date software protection, Editione (like all other companies, both large and small) cannot guarantee absolute security.

Links to Other Websites
Our web pages contain links to Google Font APIs. Be aware that Google logs the IP address of all visitors to Google Fonts for use in analytics. In addition, Editione webpages may contain clickable links to other websites that are not operated by us and for which we have no responsibility. You are strongly advised to check the Privacy Policy of every website that you choose to visit.

Rights of the Client
Clients and potential clients have the right to review, at any time, all information stored in the Editione database that relates to them personally. Clients and potential clients have the right to demand that such information be corrected, changed or eliminated as they consider appropriate, subject only to any contractual obligations to Editione that remain to be completed by the client.

Contact us
You can contact us by email at editione@editione.com. Other methods of communicating with Editione are available on the "talk to us" page of our website.

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