Editione - Privacy Policy

I  All data and documents pertaining to clients are handled and stored by Editione in strict and absolute confidentiality. Access to the Editione database is restricted to senior management.

II  Editione stores manuscripts and associated data/documents remitted in support of a request for a definitive/official quotation for a period of four months from the date of delivery of the quotation. After this period, all such materials relating to services that have not been contracted are eliminated from our database.

III  All materials relating to services that have been contracted by Editione are stored in our database until the client informs us of the final outcome of the submitted article.

IV  Clients and potential clients have the right to review all information stored about them in the Editione database and to demand that such material be corrected, changed or eliminated as they consider appropriate.

V  Editione guarantees not to disclose to third parties any client information without first obtaining express permission from the customer concerned. Editione reserves the right, however, to use information in the database (where legally permitted) to inform clients/potential clients about new services and promotions.

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