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Ten reasons to entrust your work to our experts:

Writing is in our DNA

We believe that a proficient editor  must have a detailed understanding of the underlying science of an article in order to transform a good manuscript into an excellent one;

All of our editors are native English-speaking professionals  with years of experience as senior reseachers, and most have been Editors-in-Chief or Regional Editors of prestigeous international journals;

Our translators/editors are dedicated  to their respective tasks, which they carry out with scientific rigor and meticulous attention to detail;

We translate/edit manuscripts in their entirety  - from the title page to the supplementary data - in order to ensure that the article is error-free and conforms with all requirements of the target journal;

We offer "substantive" or "analytical" editing of a manuscript   rather than "English polishing" because we believe that scientific texts demand much more than simply correcting the spelling and checking the grammar;

We srutinize manuscripts in minute detail  in order to detect and rectify repetitions, ambiguities or inconsistencies between text, tables and figures;

Although we employ efficient working methods,  we always reserve time to go that "extra mile" to perfect each manuscript no matter its complexity or length;

We purvey quality and expertise in scientific editing,  attributes that our editors have perfected over years of "hands-on" experience;

We are a Brazilian-based company,   hence our prices are highly competitive in comparison with those of American agencies. In addition, our estimates are always open to negotiation;

Let us be the extra pair of hands you need  to check the "i"s and cross the "t"s in your manuscript leaving you to concentrate on developing the underlying science.

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