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Nova Prata

The principal office of Editione is located in Nova Prata in the north-eastern region of the state of Rio Grande do Sul at a distance of 180 km from the capital Porto Alegre. Nova Prata is set among the hills of the Serra Gaucha at an altitude of 662 m, where the weather is temperate with an average temperature of 22°C and an annual rainfall of 1800 mm.

The town of Nova Prata was founded for the most part by Italian immigrants and maintains strong Italian and Gaucho traditions to the present day. The main economic activities of the municipality are metallurgical, furniture and processing industries, agriculture and the extraction of basalt.

Nova Prata

Nova Prata is a beautiful city with many interesting sites, amongst which are: (a) the picturesque waterfall complex replete with hot springs (40°C) and a cascade of swimming pools; (b) the imposing church of São João Batista constructed in 1943; (c) the Foundation House of Culture built in 1927; and (d) the central Flag Square with monuments to the Italian immigrants.

In addition, the alluring countryside surrounding Nova Prata is brimming with leafy lanes and meandering trails that provide perfect opportunities for hiking, cycling, horse riding and rallying.

Nova Prata

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