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Editione is a Brazilian company with a Cadastro Nacional de Pessoa Jurídica (CNPJ) issued by the tax authority (Receita Federal do Brasil). By consulting the CNPJ database, you can obtain important information about a company, including its location, tax situation, pending lawsuits, protests, unpaid debts etc.

Yes, an official invoice (Nota Fiscal de Serviços) will be generated at the time of delivery of the work in accordance with the instructions of the client, and may be issued in the name of an individual or a company.

Yes, any information that you upload to our website or send to us by e-mail is secure because we, along with our service provider, use the most sophisticated security software available.

We offer "substantive" or "analytical" editing of a manuscript rather than "simple translation", with or without "English language polishing", because we believe that scientific texts demand much more than simply correcting the spelling and checking the grammar;

Manuscripts that have been only partly edited leave a lot to be desired since it is very easy to spot the different styles of writing adopted by the diverse contributors. An article constructed in this manner resembles a patchwork quilt in which individual sections appear to have been combined with no attempt at continuity. A well-written article should be uniform in style and comply fully with the instructions of the target journal. We pay particular attention to the elegance of writing and flow of the narrative as well as to the accuracy and reliability of the information presented. For these reasons, our editors need access to the complete manuscript, including title page, main text, tables and figure legends. Although our ECONOMIC plan does not include or charge for verification and formatting of references, sight of the citation list (for information only) is often of considerable assistance to our editors.

Tables are intrinsic elements of a manuscript, but they often need to be condensed, combined or re-formatted in order to meet the specific demands of the target journal. We analyse all tables very carefully to ensure that they are presented in a clear and precise manner. We check that values cited in the tables are consistent with, but do not duplicate, those presented in the text and/or figures. In addition, we ensure, whenever possible, that any mathematical procedures involving values presented in the tables have been described fully and carried out accurately.

All service plans offered by Editione cover editing and formatting of the title page, abstract, main text, tables and figure legends. Regarding the figures themselves, we cannot edit or reformat them directly because they will have been constructed using proprietary software selected by the client. However, our editors indicate all modifications that should be made by the client to individual images, panels, photos, textual labels etc.

Yes, we can construct and/or edit equations that contain standard mathematical elements available in Microsoft® Equation Editor. However, we cannot edit equations that are presented as images or those that have been constructed using alternative proprietary software.

Yes, we can edit .tex documents or convert .doc/.docx documents to .tex or vice versa.

All of our plans include the preparation of highlights when these are obligatory for the target journal. We can offer detailed suggestions for graphical abstracts, but the client is responsible for the preparation of any artwork required.

Our editors always consult the "Instructions to Authors" of the target journal before starting the editing process in order to assimilate the exact demands of the publisher. During editing, any sections of the manuscript that are repetitive, verbose or contain information outside of the scope of the journal will be eliminated or condensed by the editor. If further shortening is necessary, relevant but less important information may be summarized as well. In this way, the narrative will be compact and the final number of words will be within the limits required by the journal.

Yes, we can certainly deal with changes made to the text as requested by the reviewers of the target journal and we can prepare a response letter for you to send to the editor. To facilitate this process, simply send us a copy of the article with all of the changes required highlighted (or in coloured font) along with your answers to the criticisms made by the referees. Segments of text that have been modified or added can be in the author's own language or in English. "Revision after submission" is already included in the Superior-Plus Plan, but will attract an extra cost if your original contract with Editione was for an Economic or Superior Plan.

The availability of Editione to carry out an urgent revision depends on the size of the article and the work load of the specific editor. During periods when an editor's schedule is not full, it is often possible to fit in an urgent revision without interrupting ongoing work. Just send us an email or WhatsApp and we can advise you immediately regarding the current situation.

No. The acceptance of an article is the exclusive right of the Editor-in-Chief of the target journal. The decision to "accept", "accept-after-revision" or "reject" an article is typically made after the Editor has considered the opinions of the Associate Editor(s) and the appointed reviewers. Editione can offer advice on how to improve the chances of your article being accepted, but the final outcome of any submission is, clearly, not in our hands.

This situation rarely occurs because our editors are native English speakers with considerable experience in scientific writing. However, some reviewers like to point out alleged linguistic failures, especially when the authors of the article are from a country whose official language is not English. In our experience, such criticisms are typical of reviewers who do not (or cannot!) make constructive comments about the science presented or who confuse style of language with grammatical failure. Either way, if the reviewers draw attention to specific language problems, Editione will make any necessary amendments free of charge.

Yes, we can recommend other journal options and revise/reformat the article to the required style. However, if the necessary modifications are numerous and complex, this service will attract an extra charge.

Editione takes its duty to respect the privacy of customers very seriously. Moreover, we consider open testimonials unnecessary since our client base is built on personal recommendation. However, we can put you in direct contact with customers who have agreed to provide opinions of our services if you so wish.

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